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What are Family Law Issues?

Family law encompasses a number of topics and issues such as adoption, paternity matters, divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, alimony, domestic violence and elder law. Addressing these key issues shrewdly can lead to more positive future outcomes.

We offer both office consultations and telephone consultations to assist you in resolving issues that may touch any of these concerns.

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Texas Adoption Issues

If you’re considering an adoption in your family, you will want to understand what the adoption process means for you. During an appointment, we can outline how adoptions work in Texas, answer any questions you may have and discuss how the laws can work for you.

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Collaborative Law

My law office has two options for handling matrimonial law issues: adversarial or collaborative. The adversarial or traditional approach involves both spouses having their own lawyers that guide them through the divorce process and litigates issues that cannot be resolved between the attorneys or through mediation. The collaborative approach makes a commitment not to litigate disputes and prefers interest based negotiations to purely positional bargaining.

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Dallas County Courthouse

The family district courts are located in the George Allen County Courthouse, on the corner of Commerce and Houston Streets, with entrances on Commerce. Dallas drivers not familiar with downtown, may want to leave early or test drive the trip the weekend before. The George Allen County Courthouse is a white granite building and is located across from “Old Red” Courthouse.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Wills

Do I need a will? How would my property be distributed if I die with and without a will? How would it effect my children? What is a living will and is it preferable?

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Collin County Courthouse

The courthouse is in McKinney, Texas, and fronts on 2100 Bloomdale Road, McKinney, Texas 75071 with free parking at the front of the building.